Away at the Ref Desk

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(to the tune of Away in a Manger)

Away at the Ref desk,

His last chat complete,

The quick reference shelver

Had a desk shift so sweet.


Exams were all over,

The staff were downstairs,

The few that were left were

Asleep in their chairs.


His status was current,

His Scrabble move made,

The birds were not angry,

His iPhone mislaid.


He loves the library,

He will sometimes sigh,

One more "Where's the bathroom?"

Just might make him cry.


He's cool and efficient,

And finds all the facts,

He could have been April

In Men of the Stacks.


Bless all the libraries,

Librarians too,

He loves his true calling,

And does it for you.

for previous Hectic Pace Christmas parodies, see:
Jingle Books (2009)

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Fab, as always!! Nice nod to Men of the Stacks, which featured 2 of our NJ guys.
I'm going to share on my LAE FB page if you don't mind...
I can hardly wait till next December!

Josh Boyer said:

Nice! Normally I snap when people characterize reference as answering "where's the bathroom?" but if it's buried in funny, well then, well done!

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