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A couple of months ago, we asked the WorldShare Management Services community to contribute videos to help us celebrate the fact that we reached the milestone of having 100 libraries "live" on WMS. 

We had a terrific response from the WMS community. We had nearly 40 submissions from WMS libraries in Australia, Canada and across the United States--truly illustrating the growing worldwide community.   Here's the compiled video, edited slightly to get all 40 segments just over 4 minutes.  Enjoy!


There are definitely a lot of fun and creative people among the WMS community.  But we already new libraries were like that in general! You can also see each individually submitted video in its entirety.

We're hugely thankful for how much response and feedback this group of creative library workers has provided as WMS went from concept to pilot and, now, more than 100 libraries live and using the service every day.

There were some times when I didn't think I would see the day.  But this week, WorldShare Management Services just saw its 100th library go live with the service.  We have dozens more in the queue, of course, but this 100th is quite a milestone. Kudos to the University of Nebraska Omaha!

The WorldShare Management Services team has continued to exceed my expectations.  Not that long ago, we had a vision and hundreds of libraries ready for change, ready to do things differently so that they could do different things.  Today we've got this huge milestone and a growing and actively engaged WorldShare community.  It's just terrific.

Also this week, 40 librarians and staff will meet in North Carolina for a Southeastern WMS Community meeting!  We've been actively involved, but I'm proud to say that the users themselves are really leading this event with the help of OCLC's great new hire, Helene Blowers.  I won't belabor all these self-congratulations.  The quotes in the press release speak for themselves.  The excitement of the community speaks for itself.  These are good times.

I'm Dreaming of a Real Print Book

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(to the tune of "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas")

I'm dreaming of a real print book,
Just like the ones you know yourself.
With real book covers,
For book club lovers
To place with others on the shelf.

I'm dreaming of some print fiction,
With every library I see,
May you turn each page with anxious glee,
And may all books once have been a tree.

I'm dreaming of a real novel,
The kind you hold with both your hands.
With check out and check in,
The books don't glisten
The kind your mother understands.

I'm dreaming of a card catalog,
With every pixel, link, and byte,
May your books be heavy, not bright,
And may all your text be black on white.

for previous Hectic Pace Christmas parodies, see:

Helene Blowers to Join OCLC WorldShare Team

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I was never much into the sports and games that required tremendous amounts of individual effort--running, kayaking, chess, and the like.  I preferred team sports.  One of the things I am most proud of professionally is building great teams.  I've been extremely lucky at OCLC, both in bringing existing staff onto the team and in attracting new folks to join OCLC.

Now I'm very pleased to announce that we have a new team member from the Columbus area...another great hire.  Helene Blowers will be joining us in a new roll created to support the rapidly growing WorldShare Management Services community.  Helene is well known in both the library IT and public library communities.  In fact, she and I both left North Carolina around the same time 5 years ago to come to Ohio.  She will be leaving her current role at Columbus Metropolitan Library where she has been Director of IT & Digital Strategy for 5 years.

In many respects, this new position is Helene's to invent, but the main role will include proactive interaction with the WMS community. We know that there are staff at libraries who think about the systems that support their staff and patrons day in and day out.  It only makes sense to have someone who thinks on those wavelengths embedded with the product team at OCLC.  Helene brings a great set of experiences to the job.  I'm very excited to have the new position, and over the moon that Helene is the one who will be in the role!

Please join me in welcoming Helene to the OCLC community.  Her blog post on the move can be found on her site.

To the WMS community--you should be very pleased!

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