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For decades, OCLC staff have been involved in research, advocacy and educational efforts throughout the library profession. They often find out about possible speaking engagements from colleagues and friends at other events, through professional associations and throughout the course of their daily work. But there's also a route to go if you don't have a personal connection to an OCLC staff person, or if you're looking for an OCLC speaker on a very specific subject: the OCLC Speakers' Bureau.

The Speakers' Bureau provides an easy way for you to browse the profiles and speaker topics for the almost forty OCLC staff who speak regularly. Subjects available for talks include:

  • OCLC Membership reports
  • Library workflow issues
  • The future of cataloging
  • Technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Social networking
  • Virtual reference
  • Library advocacy

If there's a topic you're interested in, and you don't see it listed... go ahead and ask us. There's a form on the site for describing your event and requesting a speaker, but you can also just ask about a particular topic and we'll match you up with someone who's knowledgeable on that subject and available the day of your event.

OCLC speakers never charge a fee or honorarium for their talks; it's part of the cooperative's ongoing service role. But depending on the distance traveled and the event, we may request that travel expenses be covered or shared.

So the next time you need a speaker for your library conference or panel, drop us a line. We can't always fulfill every request - our speakers all have day jobs, you know ;-) - but we'll do our best to help out.


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